Nicolas Segreti


Nicolas “Nick Tha EngineEar” Segreti is a Producer/Engineer at Midtown Studios & Films in Miami.  He was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been in the music scene from a very young age. At 12 years old his Mother encouraged him to take piano lessons to express himself in the world of the arts.  Although he didn’t take it seriously at the time, he developed his skills and utilized them in pursuing his career in music production/audio engineering. At 18 years of age Nicolas was involved in a motor cycle accident, which led him to focus wholeheartedly on his music career and where he wanted to go with it.  Currently, he is also an entrepreneur in event planning, working with positive organizations to promote peace and positivity to all.  His career blossomed when he moved to Miami with the goal to better his life.  Now, he is 100% focused on his career and sustaining himself along with Midtown Studios & Films in the music industry.

    Luc Antoine

    Engineer/IT Admin

    Luc A. Antoine was born on July 16, 1988 in Stamford, Connecticut. Luc’s first passion was to become a culinary chef. That soon ended when he learned how to play the recorder in the 3rd grade. He continued with his passion for music into high school where he learned music production and sound engineering.  Finally, Luc knew he wanted to be an Audio Engineer. Music Production didn’t capture his interest too much and engineering was much more fun for him. After graduation, he set out to master his craft as an audio engineer and to become the best. Luc has been blessed to work in small projects at Slip N Slide Records, Iconz Music Group, Super Terry T Entertainment, and I.M.G/Strong Arm. He has worked with Gorilla Tek, Pretty Tony, Pretty Ricky and numerous local artists.



      Anthony Fernandez, professionally known as Hertz, is an American born music producer from Miami, Florida. Starting his journey into music at age 15, Hertz started producing as a hobby to avoid the pessimistic street influence in Miami. Later he collaborated with a childhood friend to create an empowering duo of hip hop influenced producers. With inspiration from all music genres,”Hz”, production style has been described as “melodic radio style music”. With career goals of obtaining a Grammy and working with major artists, Hertz is currently a producer at Midtown Studios in Miami.

        Michael “Mike” Valentine

        Lead Engineer

         Michael “Mike V” Valentine is the lead engineer and producer at Midtown Studios & Films. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida and went to Miami Edison Senior High school, where he studied music. Michael received his Bbachelor of science in recording arts from Full Sail Universityand has been in the entertainment industry for 9 years. He has worked with artists such as, Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, Teedra Moses, Kelly Rowland, Roscoe Dash, Young Breed, Bizzy Crook, BallGreezy, Uncle Luke, and many more.




            Alexander Diaz better known by his producer name, XLV (roman numeral for 45) is a hip hop music producer from Miami, Florida. Born and raised in Miami he first found his love for music watching his mother, Martha Martinez, sing at various gigs to support her family. In 2005, due to family issues and adversity, he moved with his cousins who coincidentally practiced the art of beat making. Alex developed his skills early by watching his cousins make instrumentals. With time, dedication and practice in his craft, his love for music started to grow rapidly. In 2008, he collaborated with music producer, Hz (Hertz) and launched a music production company, Heavy Take Music. In 2014, XLV and his producing partner signed to Redd City Music Group. He is currently on an thrilling journey to bring a Grammy to Midtown Studios and Films. Watch for XLV to make 2015 a breakout year for Heavy Take Music.

                Rene Reyes

                Mixing & Mastering Engineer

                 Rene loves what he does and it comes through in his work. His passion for the creative process as well as his respect for the achievement of a finished work has given him a well tuned sense of what is needed to become empowered in the music/audio production industry. He has spent the last 15 years mastering the art and craft of bass music production and audio management. Concurrently, he passed his knowledge and skills down to thousands of students at schools likeFullsail University and The Los Angeles Recording School. Today, Rene finds himself in an optimum position to execute “world class” audio production with full focus on excellence and consistency. He plans to delve deeper into mixing, remixing and mastering at his new production home Midtown Studios and Films.


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